Friday, May 9, 2008


And here is yet another poem. It started out as a haiku, because it was Monday night and I really needed to write a poem, but it got longer but still in the format so it's kind of a four-verse haiku. Except that there is no such thing!

Life is a whirlwind
of tornadoes and sandstorms
dust flies in my face

and I cannot see.
I try to remember
what the sky looks like

when no clouds fly by
but the memory is wrong.
Friendship comes from clouds

from the rain that drops
on a parched desert waiting
for life to arrive

and grow.

The only thing is that the line 'I try to remember' is only six syllables and not seven. I could change that and do 'I wish I could remember', but then that would imply that I can't remember instead of just trying to...? And I'm thinking of naming it The Desert.