Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe poem?

So this morning, with utter shock and horror, I remembered. That I forgot to write a poem last week. O_O O_O O_O I might have come up with something though... I went through all my emails and took things I wrote during the week and made sentences into a poem. I really have no idea if it works or if it even sounds like a poem....?

I woke up this morning and looked outside...
It was snowing.
We only have half an inch now,
that's okay with me.
No shoveling yet!

It's so beautiful.

I really don't want to have missed a week though, that would be horrible :(

Friday, December 5, 2008


Three people: One storm

The sky is crying
The clouds are growling
The wind is howling
The sea is roaring
The rain is pouring
The world is dying.

Rain drops spin and twirl
From sky to earth
They catch the light
And throw it
In to the air
Each drop a dance
Celebrating life.

Tear drops trickle down
The window pane
Your forehead’s leaned
Against the glass
Your room is dark
The sky is black
You watch the rain.
‘It all will pass,’
You tell your self
As tears pound down
And lash and scream
For day to come
For day to come.

Does this poem work? I'm not exactly sure. And also, which do you like better, the version of the poem I posted last, or that poem like this?

Night, has painted it’s wings black
And hidden the moon tonight
Trees, quiver and sway
Back and forth,
Wind, shivers and sweeps
the sky away
The stars are gone
Moonlight is memory
and nothing more
Earth, it splinters and spins away
A sight that empties and fills your brain
Till all you can see is black

Erin read the first version and said it didn't read well, she thought this was much better. What do you think?