Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I haven't written any very good poems lately, though I have still been writing them. But here's one I like, any advice?

We sit
in the tree,
on the sand,
on the bed in the room.
The wind is shushing
all worries away
the waves are pounding,
pulling back,
pounding, pulling back
emotions spill over
and we pull them quickly back
nothing can disturb
the hot sun
and bright sky.
The wind is shushing away
all worries
and all worries quickly fade
the rustling leaves
and yellow-green sunlight
casts a warm veil over
the tree, our tree
our tree where we are queens.
Darkness flows in
through the window
tickles our feet
the room slowly enlarges until
we see the whole world
in it's ceiling.

Also, I filled up my whole poem journal! I got it for my 9th birthday, so it's lasted me five years. It has (I think) 167 poems in it. Thank you Sarah, for giving me my first!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I just spent a week at a piano festival, so naturally the first poem I write after it is about music. Does it flow alright? It took me a while to write, so I don't know for sure if it does.

Music pulses through my brain
it trickles - downpours -
like the rain
it twists and merges,
jumbles, booms,
it will not stop
I banish thoughts
but still a song
plays faintly still
it twinkles, soars,
and never ends.

Music pulses through my brain
it trickles - downpours -
like the rain
the rain that flashes in the sun
and glitters on the grass and trees
and pools in leaves like tiny gems
that ripple and reflect the green.

The soaring notes
are softer now
my tired brain
is winding down
the music that was pouring down
is turning into mist

the clear, sharp notes
all drift away
what's left is music's spirit and
it looks like light to me.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here are three poems I wrote, the middle one I wrote on the way to Acadia. (The first one is the one I wanted you to read, Dad.)

Night fills my eyelids
the clock emits a steady drumbeat
my thoughts march in circles
they shimmer in rainbow colors
brilliant in their fragility
little worlds; so safe
for the moment
little ideas shimmer
a breath of wind
send them sailing, soaring
a well placed breath
and they're gone,

The clouds today
are lumpy and gray
some look like they're held
by the tips of the trees
some are parted
and brightness spills through-
not light,
but the absence of gloom.

The sun is dreaming of sleep.
It's always shining
always moving
Round and round,
around it goes
a world that never sleeps.

For this last one, do you like 'It's always shining' or 'It's always beaming' better? Also I could have the end
Round and round,
it goes around
a world that never sleeps.
It makes more sense that way, but I like how it sounds the other way better.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here's two poems I wrote a while ago. I love the first one :D

Sometimes it seems
like I only have words
for the huge thoughts
that overflow my brain--
but what about that thought
that flew past my
mind a minute
It said that
the giant white starfish
on the magazine cover
looks like an alien
upside down.
It doesn't.
So why do
the three bottles of glue
line up on the divider
remind me of elves
with their red,
red caps?

There's a candle
on the table next to me
with a lampshade
of different colored glass
blue and pink and yellow
glinting in the sun
I can imagine how
the colors would glow and shimmer
with a sun lit up inside.
We never light it.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here's a poem I just wrote.

I wish I could find a way to say
how confused this all makes me.
I wish confusion would
float away in the wind
like a kite
glinting in the sun
as it flies over ocean waves
as it's string is severed
by an invisible force
as it dips and soars
getting smaller as it goes
I turn away
the world's gone too
all is peaceful and white.

Originally I had the end

I turn away
before it disappears
the world's gone too
all is peaceful and white.

Which do you like better?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three poems

I can't decide whether I like this one very much.

being afloat
in the universe
there's thick,
velvety darkness
pressing in on all sides
pinpricked occasionally
by stars
throbbing, tiny
points of fire
the heat bathes your face
in light
and gravity traps you
pulls you in
tendrals of warmth
reach up and
sear your eyeballs
you turn away and
round splashes of white
fill the darkness
it's all you can see.

And written directly after that:

Sometimes I want to laugh
at how profound
it all must sound
when really,
all that caused it was
some angst and boredom.
What a pair.

Written last night:

That feeling when
your throat closes up
and you can't breathe
not from tears
from your lungs
actually not moving
because your heart's
frozen one second,
beating frantically
the next
like hummingbird wings
whirring away
in your chest.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Two poems one song

So many
changing things

Each day I am
a new person

No one knows
who I am
I only know
I'm changing

Today I'm thoughtful
yesterday decisive
Today I'm still
as the world rushes
around me
swirls of color-
random noises-
patches of anger, tears,
ebb and flow over me
through me

Today I'm aloof
Tomorrow I'll feel
the pain
of a world constantly
leaving me behind
The next day I'll laugh
and forget it all

Each day I am
a new person

I can't decide if I like this next one very much... is it too short?

Friends-- what good are they?
To talk to, cry with, laugh with
to sprint through life with
A momentary understanding 
between two beings
afloat in the universe
seeking somewhere to rest.

I have to write a tune for this one, it feels like a song to me.

How do you know
what your life will
bring about--
will you cause joy
or pain
in your life?
Will you be neutral
standing frozen
as the world rushes by
afraid to cause pain
so ignoring the need?

How do you know
what kind of person
you'll be--
will you cause joy
or pain
each day?
Will those around you
want to hold you
will you love them
with all you have--
will you search for friendship
in vain?

It eludes you
the world's spinning
you stop fighting
for a moment
for a moment
there's a fragment
of peace in
the world.

How do you know
if you'll ever find answers
to these questions
that fill your brain?
Will they haunt you
till you forget them
and the reason you cared--
will you learn to let go
and just live?


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trying to Get to Sleep

There's a weight on my chest
and my brain feels like mush
mush that's gray - and the weight
is like bricks
onto dirt-
little clouds mushroom up
that's my thoughts dying down
as my brain takes a break,


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I just wrote this poem. It's about yesterday, today it's lovely out :)

There once was a day
when the sky was dark
and it felt like ghosts
were moaning
the gloom of the night
stayed to haunt the day
and no one
could escape it's grasp.

The ghosts and the gloom
and the gray of the sky
cast a spell over all within--
they fancied themselves
in a castle somewhere
waiting for a prince
to arrive.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A few minutes ago I wrote a poem. It's the first in a while, I've mostly been writing songs lately. I can tell I haven't been writing them, also I think my writing style is being influenced a little bit by Les Miserables which I'm reading right now, but I don't know if anyone else will notice.

The sun slips away
and shadows fill the room
the doll on the windowsill
is frozen in perpetual song.

A silence steals in
so deep that thoughts are sluggish
in it's presence.

It is an absence of light
of noise-- of movement--
my thoughts are suspended in place.
Everything seems frozen.


Monday, March 2, 2009

New Poem

Here is a poem I wrote two minutes ago. I put spaces where it felt natural to me, but does that make it look too much like there's verses?

You read things
hear things
see things
and your heart is touched.

Filled to bursting
with bittersweet joy
and pain that turns to hope

lifting through the sorrows
of other people's lives
you see yours
for the first time

your heart must
be touched
and you soar
through the drizzle
and the blizzard
and the overflowing rain

look back; life glimmers
with these moments
when you sense the change
of pain turning to hope
within you.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Many Poems

Here's a bunch of poems I wrote in February.

Words shimmer as
they dance
by the fire on a cold,
cold night
Darkness creeps in
turns the air
to ice
Come closer
to the leaping flames
crackling red and
glowing gold
watch them
twist and turn
they thaw your hands
that pour out words
like frosty stars
just within
your reach.

I'm not sure about this next one...

There's a story to be told
in each moment
of our lives
right now the sun's
reflecting off
the windowpane--
a flash of white
that slowly lessens.
The sun us sinking
it still warms my face
and I close my eyes
in it's brilliance.

Then these next two I wrote while on walks.

Stop a moment--
Wind rustles,
blows, and breezes
through the trees
all around
A hurried drip
drops softly to the right
A windchime tinkles
the sound dies away
A bird caws sharply
bursting into flight.
Your mind spills out words
that float away
on biting air
Glad to be free
they sing with the wind
that sweeps all around
Free from your heart
a dark, cramped place,
that only opens up
when you listen to the wind
and drips
and birds
and windchimes,

Sometimes I feel like I live
in a painting.
There's bits of blue
peeking out between clouds,
and dreary leafless trees
motionless in the frigid air
and, of course, the snow
piled everywhere
a nuisance to all
drive five minutes from town
and it shines in the sun
rolled out on the hills
like icecream.


Friday, February 20, 2009


Torn in three
I don't know what
to think or feel
rules my world
The only constant:
Not true.
Seas may rage
but a floor is always there
hold on to it
and try to breathe in

Written last thursday (not yesterday) but wow it applies to today.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last poem written while 13

I just wrote this two minutes ago, it's the last poem I'll write while 13 (unless I write another tonight).

So strange to think,
I've aged another year
I'll never be this age again
I'll never play piano again
or write another poem
at thirteen,
a year of black moods
sad moods
harsh words
roaring laughter
a roller coaster year it was
of singing
and music
music dear
more constant than the
And how I've changed--
no one knows
just how I've changed
So strange to think
of me at twelve
how different was I really?
How different will I be
in one year's time
writing my farewell poem?
Goodbye thirteen,
you've been a friend.
Fourteen's drawing close.
It looms and glitters
both at once
it holds surprises,
heart ache,
Sounds like thirteen,
I'd say.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I wrote this poem last night and finished it this morning. Does it flow alright? I feel like the end and the beginning don't match.

What is inside of me?
I couldn't say.
There are dark corners
and things that skulk
and things I push away.
Every day I try to hide
things I cannot see--
and fear.
Sometimes at night
when silence is loud
I think I'm a chasm--
A hole- a void-
I peer in and see
Sometimes when my mind
has drifted away on music
I imagine I'm all
gold and silvers inside,
like sunlight.
And my fingers make music,
and words, and worlds,
it must come from inside,
it must come from my heart.
Right now I am twilight inside
surrounded by sky,
I fear the darkness approaching
Blue-black velvet rolls in slowly
and bleeds into pink and purple
swirls still afloat in the sky--
the last artwork of the sun
which has already sunk out of sight
trailing golden-blue rays
of hope behind it.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

First (real) poem of the new year

Here is my first (real) poem of the new year. I wrote one song, and though I'll count that for my poem count, it isn't really a poem. I really like this one :D

Silence sits
high on the wall
and waits for night to fall
Noise he suffers
as he waits
and watches shadows crawl.

From corners first
they spill to floor
and slowly creep along
Colors change
and sounds die down
as silence sings it's song.

A sticky web
that coats the mind
and seems to make all shrink
Silence spreads
and takes control
he moves so fast-- don't blink.

Before they know
or chomprehend
that there is no more light
Darkness breathes
and silence sighs
they merge and form the night.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Last poem of the year

So yes, I wrote this poem at 10:30 PM on December 31st, 2008. I had to. This poem completes my challenge of writing a poem a week, which I completed yay!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope shows how my poems have grown through the year.

One of my goals this new year was to write 52 poems in the year. Not one a week, but four a month. So that way if I'm very much not inspired one week I'll just write two the next week, which will be much easier. So I'll keep posting on this blog. Another thing I want to do is print out all the readable poems I wrote this year (most of them) and make them into a book! Who knows if that will happen or not...

Happy New Years everyone!!!!! I hope you have a great year!!!!!

A year is whirling
through your head
The wind,
rustles through the empty trees.
Lift your head to the sky
and smile
as life pounds down around you...

An hour left to go
can you keep all the memories
Will the wind
whisk them away
and leave you cold,
to face a new year?

Will you put it all behind you--
will you put a smile on your face--
and watch a new year rise?