Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I haven't written any very good poems lately, though I have still been writing them. But here's one I like, any advice?

We sit
in the tree,
on the sand,
on the bed in the room.
The wind is shushing
all worries away
the waves are pounding,
pulling back,
pounding, pulling back
emotions spill over
and we pull them quickly back
nothing can disturb
the hot sun
and bright sky.
The wind is shushing away
all worries
and all worries quickly fade
the rustling leaves
and yellow-green sunlight
casts a warm veil over
the tree, our tree
our tree where we are queens.
Darkness flows in
through the window
tickles our feet
the room slowly enlarges until
we see the whole world
in it's ceiling.

Also, I filled up my whole poem journal! I got it for my 9th birthday, so it's lasted me five years. It has (I think) 167 poems in it. Thank you Sarah, for giving me my first!


Anonymous said...

I love this poem! Lots of imagery, and you've captured the feeling of lying still but being in so many other places at once.

Congratulations on filling the poem journal! That's wonderful. Have fun picking a new one. :)

KrazyK said...

Thanks! :D

Dad didn't like the line 'Our tree where we are queens', he thought it broke the mood. Do you agree? Do you think I should take it out? I can't decide.