Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've decided after almost a year of not posting that I want to get this blog started again. But it will be different, instead of posting just poems I'm going to be posting about books, music, and whatever I feel like pretty much :D I had gotten bored with posting poems (and I'm not as into writing them anymore, though hopefully that's just a stage and I am still writing them sporadically) so I want a broader range of things to talk about. It'll probably mostly be me exclaiming about things I love :D

Right now I love TV shows. I've started watching a lot more than usual this spring, just in time to get really attached to them before their season ends for the summer. Why do they all have to end at once?? The good thing about summer coming though is that Lie To Me comes back in June! And White Collar will start again in July, so those are two very good things to look forward to. And besides all the shows I watch coming back in September there are going to be a ton starting too, this link has their previews. I think Undercovers, Hawaii Five-O, and The Event look really good along with a bunch more.

Another thing I love: the picture at the top of the post. So many colors!


Sarah (tuulenhaiven) said...

Yay Kelia! This is awesome. I'm really looking forward to your posts. If you're going to start writing about books more often you should definitely look for other blogs who write about books (or even TV and movies, etc.) and start reading them and commenting. It's fun to meet people with similar interests! :)

KrazyK said...

Thanks! I already have started reading more blogs about books-- but I just lurk :P I've been wanting to re-start this blog since January but I finally decided to just do it. Maybe someday I'll decide to actually comment on peoples blogs :)