Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three poems

I can't decide whether I like this one very much.

being afloat
in the universe
there's thick,
velvety darkness
pressing in on all sides
pinpricked occasionally
by stars
throbbing, tiny
points of fire
the heat bathes your face
in light
and gravity traps you
pulls you in
tendrals of warmth
reach up and
sear your eyeballs
you turn away and
round splashes of white
fill the darkness
it's all you can see.

And written directly after that:

Sometimes I want to laugh
at how profound
it all must sound
when really,
all that caused it was
some angst and boredom.
What a pair.

Written last night:

That feeling when
your throat closes up
and you can't breathe
not from tears
from your lungs
actually not moving
because your heart's
frozen one second,
beating frantically
the next
like hummingbird wings
whirring away
in your chest.



Anonymous said...

Nice work Kelia! I love the combination of the first and second poem. Made me laugh. :) I like the first poem - perhaps you don't need the last line though?

KrazyK said...

Thanks! Good :D Hmm, I'll think about the last line...