Friday, April 17, 2009

Two poems one song

So many
changing things

Each day I am
a new person

No one knows
who I am
I only know
I'm changing

Today I'm thoughtful
yesterday decisive
Today I'm still
as the world rushes
around me
swirls of color-
random noises-
patches of anger, tears,
ebb and flow over me
through me

Today I'm aloof
Tomorrow I'll feel
the pain
of a world constantly
leaving me behind
The next day I'll laugh
and forget it all

Each day I am
a new person

I can't decide if I like this next one very much... is it too short?

Friends-- what good are they?
To talk to, cry with, laugh with
to sprint through life with
A momentary understanding 
between two beings
afloat in the universe
seeking somewhere to rest.

I have to write a tune for this one, it feels like a song to me.

How do you know
what your life will
bring about--
will you cause joy
or pain
in your life?
Will you be neutral
standing frozen
as the world rushes by
afraid to cause pain
so ignoring the need?

How do you know
what kind of person
you'll be--
will you cause joy
or pain
each day?
Will those around you
want to hold you
will you love them
with all you have--
will you search for friendship
in vain?

It eludes you
the world's spinning
you stop fighting
for a moment
for a moment
there's a fragment
of peace in
the world.

How do you know
if you'll ever find answers
to these questions
that fill your brain?
Will they haunt you
till you forget them
and the reason you cared--
will you learn to let go
and just live?



Steve Ingraham said...

In all three of these I miss your usual vivid images. These are very "wordy" poems...words about ideas with no images to contain them. That is not necessarily bad...just different. I wonder what would happen if you tried to get the feelings and sense of these poemes into an image or two?

KrazyK said...

You're right-- I'll definitely have to think about that. I think the third one could really benefit from some images...