Saturday, February 28, 2009

Many Poems

Here's a bunch of poems I wrote in February.

Words shimmer as
they dance
by the fire on a cold,
cold night
Darkness creeps in
turns the air
to ice
Come closer
to the leaping flames
crackling red and
glowing gold
watch them
twist and turn
they thaw your hands
that pour out words
like frosty stars
just within
your reach.

I'm not sure about this next one...

There's a story to be told
in each moment
of our lives
right now the sun's
reflecting off
the windowpane--
a flash of white
that slowly lessens.
The sun us sinking
it still warms my face
and I close my eyes
in it's brilliance.

Then these next two I wrote while on walks.

Stop a moment--
Wind rustles,
blows, and breezes
through the trees
all around
A hurried drip
drops softly to the right
A windchime tinkles
the sound dies away
A bird caws sharply
bursting into flight.
Your mind spills out words
that float away
on biting air
Glad to be free
they sing with the wind
that sweeps all around
Free from your heart
a dark, cramped place,
that only opens up
when you listen to the wind
and drips
and birds
and windchimes,

Sometimes I feel like I live
in a painting.
There's bits of blue
peeking out between clouds,
and dreary leafless trees
motionless in the frigid air
and, of course, the snow
piled everywhere
a nuisance to all
drive five minutes from town
and it shines in the sun
rolled out on the hills
like icecream.



Steve Ingraham said...

I really like these...the imagry is great, and they flow naturally, especially the first and last. You are right to have doubts about the second.
But...You need some space in the poems. Each new line does not have to start right below the one before. If you would pause between lines when reading out loud, put an extra empty line in to indicate it. The reader has only how the poem looks on the page as clues to how it should be read.

KrazyK said...

Thanks! :D Thanks for the advice also. I can see a few places where I could put a space.

SparklingBloodRedRoses said...

You're poems are really nice, I especially like the 1st and 3rd ones. The way the words roll of your tongue and the imagery it all creates is really nice. [I really like the imagery in the last one too!]

I can see in the second poem you have doubts. Perhaps if you told more of what that story is that could be told from that moment it would flow better? For me anyway it seems like it starts out with the story but ends short. It has a good basis and idea but perhaps with a bit more work you may like it more? Of course, that is up to you.

You have a lot of talent! :] Keep it up!!

Love ya girly!

Katie <3333

KrazyK said...

Yeah, lengthening the second one might help... Thank you!