Saturday, January 10, 2009

First (real) poem of the new year

Here is my first (real) poem of the new year. I wrote one song, and though I'll count that for my poem count, it isn't really a poem. I really like this one :D

Silence sits
high on the wall
and waits for night to fall
Noise he suffers
as he waits
and watches shadows crawl.

From corners first
they spill to floor
and slowly creep along
Colors change
and sounds die down
as silence sings it's song.

A sticky web
that coats the mind
and seems to make all shrink
Silence spreads
and takes control
he moves so fast-- don't blink.

Before they know
or chomprehend
that there is no more light
Darkness breathes
and silence sighs
they merge and form the night.



Steve Ingraham said...

Bravo! Excellent! (And fun too.)

KrazyK said...

Thanks!! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice work - lovely flow of sound. :)

KrazyK said...