Friday, September 5, 2008


So Mom was looking through some of Dad's books, and she found some ones of poetry. So I've been reading Classic Poems to Read Aloud, which I love. All the poems are so good! And I've found, when I read poetry it often inspires me to write some. This poem I wrote yesterday I wrote because the Lady of the Lake is a character in the story I'm writing.

The Lady of the Lake

Would you be a lady
with a lake to yourself?
A place to swim
and a place to sing
and a place to take the moon
and put the starlight into jewels

to adorn a sword
made out of ice
and the light of early morning

Would you be a lady
with a life to yourself?
You'll swim forever
oh and you'll sing
the days away

the hills will know the sorrow
of a life full of mystery
you're something more than a lady
made from lake-water-- moonlight--
you will change history

You have no choice.
You'll spend your life



Steve Ingraham said...

very nice! I like the imagery. And the feeling of loneliness.

KrazyK said...

Thank you!