Saturday, June 5, 2010


Something I've always wondered: would I like myself if I met myself? It could go two ways I think, either everything I did would make sense and I'd be able to understand it all and we'd (the two me's) get along perfectly, or I'd annoy myself terribly because I'd be able to pick out all my faults from the outside, for once. I kind of think it would be a mix of the two. I'd find myself frustrating and I'd probably criticize myself a lot because we'd have the same faults, but at the same time I could be entirely myself around myself, more so than with anyone else.

So yes, just rambles :) What do you think?


BeyondTheCrystalShores said...

Interesting thought, I've wondered this often myself. I would like to think that I would like myself because we'd have a common understanding of one another and our personalities and interests would blend (but of course, ego is probably slipping in).

I think I would apt to pick out my faults too - as I often do so enough from the position I am now. So, I have to think that I am kind of thinking along the lines of how you are - a bit of both.

I mean, really, if I were to really annoy, irritate or hate the other me....we'd just go off and write or read until we both were calm (as I calm and forgive quickly). So, I doubt we'd really dislike each other long :P.

Really good question though! Get's you thinking about things deeper than the surface, and how you would respond to things. By the time you're done you might as well be thinking about your thinking. Metacognition!! :)

The question in the picture, though unrelated, reminded me for some reason of the saying "Usually, what you find you don't like in others, is an attribute you contain that others don't like or that you don't like about yourself even if you don't know it".

KrazyK said...

There's always too that fear that something I do subconsciously (like how I talk, or the way I react to things) is actually annoying and I can't tell, but if I met myself I'd be annoyed! But hopefully it wouldn't be like that :P

That saying is really true-- scary to think about.