Friday, March 18, 2011


Today feels like summer. Cloudless blue skies, warm sand beneath my feet, heavenly 64 degrees, and most of all the ocean.

Every spring I realize how much I've missed the ocean. I get used to it in the summer because I'm always there, but the first time I go back (when it actually feels somewhat warm) I just want to stare at it forever. I wish it could be this warm all the way to July. It is really windy, at the beach there was a steady stream of sand blowing knee high and at times it would blow so hard we were forced backwards! But I love the wind too, and it was a warm wind. If it's back to 30 degrees tomorrow I'm going to go into withdrawal, this little taste of summer has been so amazing. Let's just skip April and May, can we?


Literary Odyssey said...

Yes, let's skip April and May! Or, at least this crazy cold weather!

The beach looks so beautiful, and the sun has been so bright lately, that it feels like we're being teased. :P I cannot wait for summer. I love walking the beach (my mom and I also love to beach comb). :) There is something just so calming about it.

We should go sometime (when it is warm, of course ;) )!

KrazyK said...

The bright sun and BLUE skies are the worst, because then you think it's going to be 60's out and it's really 30's *sigh* The beach is so calming, that's what I love about it.

Oh yes we will definitely go this summer! As soon as it's warm :)