Wednesday, April 16, 2008

May day

Our library always has a big May Day event. This year Mrs. O'hara is getting people from book groups to dress up as fairies, then go around spinkling fairy dust. I found out today that we also have to recite a poem. Instead of reciting one from those little fairy books I decided I might write one. So I wrote this, but is it really fairy-ish enough? It certainly is springish, but not that fairy-ish....?

The sun is setting through the window
April's drawing to a close,
the day is dying with the sunset
but the memory of warmth
keeps me outside until the
sky is dark and air is chill.

A flash of something catches my eye
I turn to look and wonder,
was that a bug or something different
something full of mystery?

That flits and lies
throughout the night
and loves the spring and flowers?
by morning light
the moon reveals its powers.

And even if I was mistaken
and no fairy has flown by,
I'll still be watching May's first sunrise,
watch spring awaken flowers,
watch the magic of the world
slowly spring to life again.



Steve Ingraham said...

I think that is a wonderful fairyish poem for may day! Go for it!

KrazyK said...


Sarah said...

Really nice! I hope you have fun with that. :)