Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poem of the week

EDIT: Its sooooooooooo cool!!!! I sent this poem to the author, Katherine Marsh, and she wrote back!!

Wow. Kelia, that's a beautiful poem and captures the heart of the story perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Perhaps you'll write me a poem about the second book in the Night Tourist series when it comes out next year? Hint: it's about love.
All best,
Katherine Marsh


I havent posted in a while because I've been waiting for my poem of the week. So here it is! I wrote it after reading a book called the Night Tourist, which is about ghosts and is kind of a take off on the Orpheous story. I dont think its very good, but oh well. Its from the veiw of a ghost. Its also maybe the longest poem I've written! Isnt that sad? :D

The Night Tourist

I stream out of a fountain
And shoot up towards the stars
The sky is full of ghosts
Who chatter and laugh
And wish they were alive.

People walk by beneath us
Never once looking up
Only dogs sense our presence
And bark at things not there
Or so the people think.

The night is here before us
We could go to the theatre
Or the play in the park
See all the tourist sights
Or go to the poet club.

But when the sky starts turning
And blue merges into pink
Back to the fountain we go
And sighing descend
To a world of gray shadows.

Not once can we see the sun rise
Not once can we feel its warm rays
They try to tell us we would
Disappear, but still in our hearts
We wonder.

We wish we could laugh
With those firmly on the ground
Having a regular boring life
Where things are always changing.
We wish we could live.



KrazyK said...

After Anna read this she said I should take away the last verse, leaving

We wish we could laugh
We wish we could live.

I think that would be a lot lot better, what do you think? I could also just end with We wonder, or just We wish we could live after that verse. Doing either of those fixes it a ton I think.

Sarah said...

That's so great Kelia!! Isn't it fun to write to authors? I'm glad you sent her your poem.

I like the changed ending better. :)