Monday, June 16, 2008

Poem! Finally!

I have been still writing poems, they just haven't been very good or have been too private too put up here. So finally I wrote one that I like.

The theatre is dark
light spills in
onto empty seats-
the shadows retreat
and quickly cloak the rest
in mystery.
You step between light and dark
and listen to the quiet
a resting quiet
it speaks of long-lost voices
and memories of songs.
Playbills, posters catch your eye
as the darkness softens
tributes to past plays
and actors who have danced
on this stage.
You climb the steps
catch a glimpse of back-stage,
turn away and look out
at read leather seats
that will soon be filled.
You let a note go
hear it ring in the darkness
it fades away and is gone
swallowed up like all the others
you sit back and listen
to the memory of an echo
as the door opens
and light and laughter
washes over the past
and into now.



Sarah said...

I like it! You have evoked the feeling of being in an empty and quiet theater. Nice. :)

KrazyK said...


Steve Ingraham said...

Very good! I don't see much room for improvement. Like Sarah got it!

KrazyK said...

:D Of course, Erin and Anna have already read it and critiqued it. And that is supposed to be red leather seats, not read.