Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two New Poems

Here's two new poems, I wrote the first on Monday and the second yesterday.

is opening the mouth and letting
everything out
thoughts, feelings,
unexplainable joys
untellable sorrows
you can hear it all in the notes
the relief
to be getting away from life
the bittersweetness of life
as you sing your heart out
you want to shar it with all the world
so you work, and work
and sometimes lose the reason for singing
but it always comes back
on a gray day when you sing out of havit
and find new meanings in the words
more beauty in the song
than you've ever heard before.
And you stop and listen
to the raw delight
the aching loneliness
and you forget about that stubborn note
the difficulty over your break
you forget everything except the need
to give your heart a voice
and you sing
like never before.

Night falls
I stare at the object draped in shadows
thatI've seen so mant times before
it speaks of silence and perseverence
its stood as the years have washed over it
jostled from place to place
always persistent in it's silence,
in it's peace.
As the world whirls around--
comings and goings
fights and laughter
hugs and tears and anger and joy--
when the world stops spinning
it stands here in the darkness
waiting for me to fall asleep
so it can sing it's song
of silence.



Steve Ingraham said...

The first one has lots of great ideas and images...but does not, somehow hang together. It needs weeding, maybe...maybe you need to go through and pull out everything in between te flowers.

I really like the second one. But what is it?

KrazyK said...

Yeah I see what you mean about not hanging together. What were the parts you liked?

Hehe it could be anything, a house, a bed, a beauro you're particularly attatched to... you decide. :D