Monday, August 4, 2008


So I wrote this today... thoughts?

The music thrums
You can feel it’s beat
In the soles of your feet
As you sway with the drums

The music whirls
You can feel it fly
See it reach for the sky
As you dance, as you twirl

The music slows
You can feel the pain
Flowing soft like the rain
But before all’s despair

The music grows
You can feel it build--
Something new, something filled
With wonder is here
As you move to the flow

The music thrums--
The music whirls--
It slows--
It grows--



Steve Ingraham said...

Lots of fun!

Random Irregular said...

Hey, this is nice:)

KrazyK said...


Sarah said...

Nice work - it's fun to play with rhymes, isn't it? :)

KrazyK said...

Yes it is :D I didn't even know I was going to rhyme when I started it, but then it just happened in the first verse. Lots of times it makes it harder though.